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Coastal Sports Academy is getting an incredible staff! Matt and Jen do an incredible job of training players. Their training is cutting edge. They develop the overall athlete to make them explosive within the movements of the game. They also do a great job of getting their players exposure in playing at the next level.

Butch Thompson, Head Baseball Coach of Auburn University

Training is very important for boys and girls of all ages. Its not all about mechanics of a swing or throw. Players must be as explosive as possible, especially in today’s game! When I first got the job at Alabama I was told I needed to reach out to Matt and his wife, Jen, to see what type of players they had that maybe we needed to see, and to help me and my staff with recruiting in Alabama. If you want your son or daughter to play at the next level, there is no other choice of where they should train!

Greg Goff, Head Baseball Coach of Purdue University

Matt and Jen possess that critical combination of great character and commitment. They always have the best interest of their players in mind while helping them develop as young men/women, students, and players. We plan on visiting the new facility in South Alabama soon. While there, hopefully see some players train as well. You will not find better training and teaching in baseball and softball. Looking forward to visiting soon!

Chandler Rose, Head Baseball Coach of the University of Montevallo

They are ahead of the curve with how they train their players and prepare them for the next level. More important than their knowledge of the game, is their personalities and care for their players. South Alabama, Spanish Fort are gaining a Gem in training players!

Cody Gaskill, Head Coach at Calhoun CC

I support Coach Pockrus in all his future endeavors because of the way he teaches the game. He preaches the game of baseball with passion and dedication that is unmatched. He has touched every player that he has coached. Many of his former players have went on to successful college careers, with myself only being one example. With what he and Jen have done on developing players on the softball and baseball side in their new business adventure is remarkable! I cannot recommend them enough for what they can do for players in South Alabama and beyond.

Cory Luckie, Former Auburn Baseball Player

She wants do to it right. Jen asks incredibly insightful questions, challenges me to assure that things work in ways she can understand and teach, and she never takes my word for it. She wants to see the results in her students and loves to see video evidence from our library. I like her dedication to providing her students the best possible resources.

Denny Tincher, T1ncher Pitching Development Systems

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